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Capital District Interventional Spine & Rehabilitation will provide exceptional evidence based and comprehensive care to patients with spine related pain in the Capital District of Albany, NY, by bringing deep experience, credentials of the highest caliber, and a unified philosophy of putting patient safety and satisfaction first. The focus of the staff will be patient-centered and we will provide services in an efficient and caring atmosphere.

Capital District Interventional Spine & Rehabilitation will provide evidence based comprehensive care to patients with spine related sub acute and chronic pain, including radicular symptoms. Services will also comprise of thorough diagnostic clinical assessments, including imaging and electrodiagnositic studies, pharmacological treatment, physical therapy referrals as requested, spine intervention techniques, neurosurgical/orthopedic spine referrals as requested, and pain psychologist referrals as requested for cognitive behavior therapy.

Through experiences during his fellowship and subsequent work in academic settings, Dr. Hasan acquired competence in advance spine interventional techniques consistent with the guidelines of the International Spine Intervention Society. This includes: lumbar and cervical transformational injections, facet blocks, medial branch blocks, radiofrequency rhizotomy, provocative discogram, sacroiliac joint blocks, piriformis blocks, and spinal cord stimulators. Any procedure above and beyond requiring more than minimal sedation would be performed by Dr. Hasan in the interventional radiology suite at Albany Memorial Hospital.